WordPress Gift Registry Plugin


The WordPress Gift Registry plugin enables you to add your very own gift registry to your site. It has several advantages over other web-based registries, including:

  • Use your very own WordPress site to customize as much as you like.
  • Get paid instantly via PayPal – other sites make you wait for a check.
  • Perfect for weddings, births, graduations, and all other types of celebrations.
  • Get notified instantly of gifts via email and keep track of whom gave what.
  • Automatically tracks how many items are left outstanding.
  • Receive gifts in any of PayPal’s supported currencies.
  • Free to install and create your wish list
  • 100% Free! (except for PayPal fees); compare with 8-12% commission from other sites.

Current Version: 2.0

UPDATE –┬áSept 2014: A huge THANK YOU to those that have downloaded and used the Gift Registry plugin – I hope that it has served you well. Unfortunately I am no longer able to support the plugin for new users as the time has come to turn my attention to other pursuits. Accordingly, the plugin has been updated so that it no longer requires the purchase of an authorization key to enable use. It is my sincere hope that taking this step will make the plugin more accessible and help more individuals and organizations achieve their goals. As a reminder, this plugin (like all WP plugins) is open source and I would love nothing more than to see others adopt the code and continue to enhance its capabilities.

Best wishes, and keep creating – Justin

Quick Start

  1. Download and install the WordPress Gift Registry Plugin
  2. Add a link to your gift registry wish list page from somewhere on your site
  3. Create a wish list of your gift registry items
  4. Configure Your PayPal Settings (IMPORTANT)
    1. Login to PayPal
    2. Under My Account, click Upgrade
    3. Select Business Account
    4. Provide your information, and click Done
    5. Go to My Account > Profile > My selling tools > Website preferences
    6. Make sure Auto Return is turned On
    7. Set Return URL to:
    8. Go to My Account > Profile > My selling tools > Instant payment notifications
    9. Set Notification URL to:

      And make sure IPN messages are Enabled

  5. Test the checkout to make sure it works as expected
  6. Receive Gifts (hooray!)

Please note that you MUST configure your PayPal settings as described below or you will not be able to track gifts received.
(you will, however, still be able to receive them)


Items placed on your registry are representative only, you will only receive the AMOUNT for each item, not the items themselves. The Gift Registry plugin is integrated with PayPal for fund transfer only.

The Gift Registry plugin uses PayPal’s Button API and Instant Payment Notification (IPN) service to manage the gift transaction. For more information regarding these features, please see the documentation on PayPal’s website.

While you may change the quantity requested or price of each item whenever you like, this will not affect the quantity or price paid for gifts already received.

Finally, be sure to check out the Demo page to see it in action!

Gift Statuses

In the admin panel you will see a list of “orders” for gifts you have received.

  • CREATED – The shopper began the checkout process but did not complete it.
  • RECEIVED – The payment has been received, but the IPN notification (including sender info) has not been received.
  • COMPLETED – The payment has been completed and the IPN notification has been received. You should see the sender’s information included on the gift.
  • IPN ERROR – The IPN was received but there was an error processing it. For more information, check out the PayPal site or let us know in the comments.


Q: What versions of WordPress are compatible with this plugin?
A: The WordPress Gift Registry Plugin has been verified with WordPress versions 3.3.1 – 3.4.1, but we’re not aware of issues with any other versions. If you find any, please let us know.

Q: On the Admin page, nothing seems to happen when I click a button, I can’t save my PayPal address or URLs, and/or I get redirected to the General Settings page when I try to save.
A: These are all signs that a javascript error occurred when the page was initializing. Check for script errors using a debug tool (Firebug, Firebug Lite, Chrome/Safari Developer Tools) and make sure other plugins aren’t causing problems. Stuck? Send us the error via our contact page and we’ll check it out.

Q: Why doesn’t ‘From’ or ‘Fees’ show under Gifts Received? The status shows as ‘RECEIVED’?
A: Most likely because you haven’t configured your PayPal account to use IPN Notifications. To check the status of an individual transaction, log in to PayPal and go to My Account > History > IPN History.

Screen Shots

The following screen shots illustrate the most common workflow experienced by a user. The Gift Registry Plugin uses CSS from the installed theme so your installation may not look exactly like these screen shots, but you can customize the look and feel as much as you like.

Click the images to view full-sized versions.

Registry List Item
Registry List Item
Registry List Item
Registry List Item
Registry List Item